Please be aware of the following qualification criteria required prior to applying to one of our properties: 

Applicants MUST be adults over the age of 18. All adults in the household must complete our electronic tenant application, individually.

  1. If you decide to rent one of our listed properties, in addition to monthly rent, a security deposit equal to one month’s rent and the rent for the final month of the lease may be charged to tenants prior to tenancy. In some cases, we may require additional security deposit if the application does not meet all of our qualifying checkpoints.
  2. Reservation Fee: If you qualify to rent with us and have identified a home you would like to rent, we are able to reserve a home specifically for you! To reserve a home you must (a.) Receive your application approval from our office, and (b.) Have personally viewed the interior of the home and agree to accept the home in as-is condition. To ensure your reservation we charge a reservation fee of $500.00 via ZELLE. This fee may be convertible to a security deposit after you have signed a lease and moved into your new rental home. Please keep in mind that if we reserve a property for your future rental use and thereby cause our property managers to take the property off the open rental market, and you later change your mind about renting the property, you will forfeit 100% of your reservation fee.
  3. In the event you enter into a lease agreement and change your mind prior to taking possession of the rental property, you shall forfeit all deposit funds as liquidated damages. In addition, you may be held responsible to the additional terms of the lease you signed.
  4. In the event we don’t approve your application, we will refund the $100.00 application fee if. However, if we approve your application, but you decide you no longer wish to proceed, we will not refund the application fee. 
  5. Our current occupancy standards are a maximum of 2 persons per bedroom.
  6. All our units are smoke FREE. Smoking is never allowed inside our rental units, and it is consider cause for immediate termination of your lease agreement. 
  7. When individual tenant candidates make application and pay the application processing fee, they are authorizing Gibson Group Management to conduct a background investigation consisting of but not limited to the following areas:

If you cannot provide positive references, have a debt to income ratio that shows you cannot afford to pay rent from your documented income (pay stubs, bank records, or tax returns), have no work history or an unstable work history, been evicted in the past, have a criminal record, or any occupant is listed in the sex offender database, you may not qualify for a rental at this time.