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How to Handle Disputes in Your Fort Lauderdale Rental Property – Landlord Tenant Mediation Tips

System - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Domestic disputes within a building can be problematic for tenants as well as landlords. We occasionally get phone calls from tenants who call to complain about the actions of other residents in a building. It’s easy to immediately side with the story your tenant is telling about another resident. However, don’t believe everything you hear. It’s important to stay neutral to the situation and follow a couple of steps when you are dealing with domestic disputes.

Police Report

When a tenant calls us to report a serious incident with another resident, we tell them to call the local police department about their domestic dispute. This way, the police will gather all the facts and details about what is going on and take any necessary action to keep all tenants and residents safe. The police will also provide a police report to the tenant, and we can get a copy of it.

Lease Violations

Rosy Baron - Handling Lease Disputes in Fort LauderdaleOnce we have a copy of the police report, we are able to determine if any of the residents of the building have violated the lease. In our experience, the person calling is often the person causing the problems. That’s why you have to stay neutral and resist taking action without having all the facts and information.

If you have any questions about handling these types of situations with tenants, please contact us at Gibson Group Management. We are you’re your local Fort Lauderdale property managers.